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Welcome to my website

You’re here because you want to change your life. So let’s get started. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is, whether you are an elite athlete looking to improve your performance or a weekend warrior looking to shape up… I WILL GET YOU RESULTS! Get in shape!

Whatever your reason is:

– Feel better
– Get fit
– Lose weight
– Reduce stress
– Compete in athletic events
– Get instruction on form or
– Just get started on your fitness journey

Trenérka Naďa Koštovalová

Once we have determined what your health & fitness goals and objectives are we will then map out your unique and personal course of action to get you where you want to go. I will help every step of the way.

I am a certified personal trainer with a mission to „make a difference…one person at a time!“
With over 20 years of training experience in the health & fitness industry, as well as an Olympic athlete, you are in good hands! I have comprehensive and focused approach to client objectives.
I am 1st class coach as a result of my studies at Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Training school at Charles University in Prague. I am also a certified personal trainer at the National Council on Strength and Fitness in the USA, where I learned advanced concepts of personal training and where I had the opportunity to study and master the „latest and greatest workout programs“.


2010-11 School Coach USA – Certified Personal Trainer, advanced concepts of personal training, National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), Maryland, USA.
2011 NCSF Personal Trainer Certification Workshop Program, MD, Maryland, USA.
1991-1997 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and training, 1st class coach.
La Fitness personal training workshop program, Maryland USA.


My achievements: record-breaking, czech top level track and field athlete and member of the Junior, Senior and Olympic National Track and Field Team of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic (1988 – 1997) and a multiple medalist and champion of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in the 200 meter, 400 meter and relay events.

1990 – 1997: Member of the Senior National Team and Olympic Track and Field Team
1990 – 1997 and a multiple medalist and champion of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in the 200 meter, 400 meter and relay events.

Sports Results:

– 1997 World Indoor Championship. Paris 4 x 400 m – 4th place
– World Championschip Athens – 4 x 400 m – 5th place
– World Universiade Sicily, Italy 400 m – 4th place
– 1997 European Indoor Champ. Stockholm 400 m – 8th place
– 1996 Olympics games Atlanta 4 x 400 m – 7th place
– 1995 World indoor Champ. Barcelona 4 x 400 – 2nd place
– World Universiade Fukuoka, Japan 400 m – 6th place
– 1994 European Champ.Helsinky Finland 4 x 400 m – 5th place
– 1993 World Championship Stuttgart, Germany 4 x 400 m – 7th place

1988 – 1991
Member of the Junior National Track and Field Team of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic

Sports Highlights:
– 1988 – Record of Czechoslovakia in 200 m event (indoor)
– Junior 400 meters record of Czechoslovakia 1988
– World Junior Championship – Sudbury 400m – 7th place

My Comprehensive Approach Helps Clients:

– Lose Weight
– Enhance Core & Abdominal Muscle Tone & Strength
– Shape and Tone
– Increase Strength, Endurance & Flexibility
– Boost Overall Health
– Improve General Fitness
– Develop Coordination

I Work With:

– Recrational Athletes
– Professional Athletes
– Ametuer Sports Teams
– School Teams
– Professional Teams
– Teens
– New Moms
– Working with special populations


– Personal Fitness
– Functional training
– Team Fitness
– Body-building
– TRX RIP Training
– TRX Training
– Bosu Training
– Stretching and Passive Stretching
– Muscle Imbalances
– Track and Frield coach

I am skilled in the use of all types of exercise equipment including:

– Kettlebells
– Medicine balls
– Resistance bands
– Balance Equipment
– TRX trainer
– TRX Rip trainer
– Traditional weight training equipment
– Free weights
– Cardio equipment

Combination of functional training, effective strengthening and aerobic exercise is the best combination for:

– Body shaping
– Weight loss
– Improved cardiovascular capacity
– Power and flexibility
– post rehab

The program is designed to:

– Improve your fitness
– Establish long-term fitness goals
– Enhance Core & Abdominal Muscle Tone
– Shape and Tone up
– Boost Overall Health

The training program is a versatile, varied, focused on client objectives and designed for muscle balance. During the training I use a variety of fitness equipment – kettlebells, medicine balls, expanders, balance balls, TRX, TRX Rip, as well as classic equipment – dumbbells, barbells to strengthen muscle group function, involing the whole kinetic chain.

Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a competition oriented person, I can help:

– Teens age 14-18 and above to learn proper technique, preventing back problems and muscle imbalance, improve fitness level
– Strength training suitable for women to maintain coordination, flexibility, strength and to help prevent bone density loss
– Male athletes of all ages with an emphasis on balanced muscle development
– New mothers after childbirth
– Post rehab – to get you exercising again and improve motor skills

Depending on your goals, and with an emphasis on core and overall body strengthening, a typical plan and session might look like this:

– 2 sessions per week, depending on time, availability and commitment
– 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes in total length
– 10-15 minutes aerobic warm-up
– 10 minutes stretching exercises
– 15 minutes core strengthening
– 25 minutes lower and upper body strengthening
– 5-10 minutes cooldown and stretching after workout

I look forward to sharing my health & fitness techniques, philosophies and secrets with you.
With sincerest gratitude,
Naďa Koštovalová